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Man builds Champagne bottle house

Resident, 52-year-old Hamidullah Ilchibaev, collected the 12,000 Champagne bottles over three years to build his 99-square meter house, as reported by Oddity Central. Most of the bottles were purchased while others were donated by nearby restaurants.


The First Cannabis-Infused Craft Beer Launches

A selection of cannabis-infused craft beer is launching this Autumn in the US.


California-Grown Agave Is Making Tequila Sustainable

If your brutal hangover from last Saturday’s rager hasn’t convinced you, here’s another good reason to sip and not shoot your tequila: our long-term supply of agave—the plant used to make spirits like mezcal and tequila—could be endangered.


Lemon rice pudding with gin syrup

Rice pudding can sometimes be a little cloying, but here it is lightened by sharp spikes of lemon.


Tangy Tequila Popcorn

The amount of tequila used in this recipe is extremely little. Feel free to use more.


Grumpy Fuckers’ Coffee Shop opens for people who hate mornings

Grumpy Fuckers’ Coffee Shop opened its door in Wales yesterday and was overwhelmed by demand.


Why a 5% beer can make you TWICE as drunk as a 4%

We’ve all been there: In a bid to be sensible on a night out we’ve swapped spirits and wine for lower strength beers, only to wake up the next morning with a thumping head anyway.


It’s Time To Dial Back The Craft Beer Snobbery

Hear me out. I enjoy beer. I enjoy craft beer.


Why Gin Is Back With a Flourish

HAVE WE REACHED peak gin yet? Not so long ago, ordering a gin and tonic meant being served a rather bland but perfectly acceptable Gordon’s gin with a slice of lemon and a mainstream mixer.


$72 Beer Flavored Ice Cream

Three young men from Old Lyme, Connecticut are infusing ice cream with beer. And not any old beer – they use stouts, bocks, lagers, porters, lambics and ales.

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