Time Travel back to 1849

On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th October Pniel Primary’s Grade 7 learners travelled back in time to 1849 when the mission station that was home to freed slaves was in its infancy. As always this event which has been running for 5 years is very much looked forward to each year by the learners, teachers and community members of Pniel.The main aim of the ‘Time Travel’ to Pniel in 1849 is to bring to life the heritage of the local region to the learners who live within it today. Much preparation is done within the classroom beforehand to help prepare the learners: from activities in arts and culture, to economics and business management, the social sciences and even mathematics with the aim of incorporating the local history within the curriculum. Learners take on real characters from the past of children who lived in Pniel around that time period, they are encouraged to walk a mile in their shoes and think about their hopes for the future (both in 1849 and 2011).

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Wine by the glass on the rise down under photo

Wine by the glass on the rise down under

7 Ways to make bad wine drinkable photo

7 Ways to make bad wine drinkable

The Dinner Party Wine Calculator photo

The Dinner Party Wine Calculator

on July 31st, 2014
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