Wine producers campaign for truth in labeling

Napa Valley wine producers will go a long way to protect their good name, all the way to Thailand if necessary.

That is the latest country that has awarded Geographic Indication status to Napa wine, which means they have agreed not to allow sales of wine labeled “Napa” if the grapes inside are not from that California region.

The agreement, reached late last year, is part of a campaign for truth-in-wine-labeling laws supported by a loose-knit cohort of wine regions around the world — a movement that has gotten a boost from the general trend of consumers seeking ingredient integrity.

“What has been on our side is consumer awareness of, and appreciation for, the place where the product they’re consuming comes from and paying more attention to labels, paying more attention to how things are produced,” says Linda Reiff, executive director of the 420-member Napa Valley Vintners association.

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