Shaken or Stirred. Which Gets You Drunker?

Some bartenders have a chip on their shoulders when it comes cocktails. Shaking waters it down, they say. Stirring is better. James Bond is a pussy.

We wondered—what’s the scientific difference? Does one way or the other produce a pour that’s more warm or watery? Do the fluid dynamics in the darkness of a shaker lead to other intangibles that make our favorite drinks so delicious? Prepare to have your faith shaken, because we have reached some stirring conclusions.

The Question

What inebriates better: a cocktail that is shaken or stirred?

The Methodology

We’ve seen subjective tests of the shaken vs. stirred debate before—the Mythbusters confirmed that you can taste the difference. But is that due to temperature, alcohol by volume (ABV), or something else? What about all those ice chips you see in a shaken drink—do they matter?

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Will the Real Piña Colada Please Stand Up?

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