The Celebrity Guide To Wine – Starring Steven Seagal, Whoopi Goldberg, Dudley Moore

We could hardly believe our eyes when we started watching 1990’s “The Celebrity Guide to Wine.” It’s not that we don’t want wine tips from Steven Seagal and Whoopi Goldberg, it’s just that we weren’t expecting to get them. And Whoopi, we certainly weren’t expecting to get wine tips from you while you casually stand next to your car, as if that is a totally normal thing to do.

In addition to Seagal and Goldberg, this oddly star-studded special also includes Dudley Moore, Herbie Hancock, Kelly LeBrock, Shelley Hack, Robert Loggia and Peter Weller. This madness was directed by Daniel Helfgott, who went on to direct “The Celebrity Guide to Entertaining,” starring Ed Begley Jr. and Jackie Collins (please, someone, put this on the internet).

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