The Most Expensive Cheese, Made With Donkey Milk

The world’s most expensive cheese will cost you $576 per pound.The stinky stuff is made from donkey milk. That… seems like a low selling point to me. But apparently donkeys only squirt like 1/20th of a gallon of milk a day and it takes about 3 gallons to make 1 pound of cheese. Hence the $576 price tage. I don’t know man, I wouldn’t pay that much for cheese. Unless it’s moon cheese. If it’s moon cheese then sign me up! In fact, just write my name in real big letters so no one else’s can fit on the list.

Wasps drink special nectar to self-medicate photo

Wasps drink special nectar to self-medicate

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$72 Beer Flavored Ice Cream

a guest Published 31 Aug 2015 19:00
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