New additions to the Addams Family

They not only boast the longest Afrikaans wine name in the world, it appears there’s no end to the Hermanuspietersfontein family’s appetite for making new wines.

Well-known for their Sauvignon Blancs carrying numbers for names and a spate of Afrikaans names labelling their reds, the cellar’s latest Rhône-style blend characterises yet another fiery lady!

Skoonma 2011 “With only two prominent dames featuring in our family, Die Martha and Bloos, the arrival of Skoonma suggests it’s time to ruffle a few feathers. Best of all – she’s not visiting – she’s here to stay,” is the word from the cellar’s tasting room.

There is, however, nothing contentious about this wine. An elegant four-varietal Rhône-style made of Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Viognier – her balanced fruit and oak aromas completes the cellar’s line-up of premium red blends. She’s a great companion to a hard cheddar, gouda or emmenthaler cheese.

Nr. 2 2012 Latest, or the last, in the line-up of the prime numbers makes its appearance in the form of Nr.2, a delicate interpretation of a Sauvignon Blanc Noble Late Harvest showing a typical botrytis character. Another excellent expression of the grapes grown in the cool climate Sondagskloof region, Platter’s South African 2013 Wine Guide recognised it as a 4.5 Star wine in its maiden vintage, 2012.

With names like Die Arnoldus, Die Bartho, Die Martha, Swartskaap, Kleinboet, Posmeester, Bloos and now Skoonma, one wonders what this Addams Family will produce next?

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