Wines of South Africa protests Guardian boycott poll

Wines of South Africa has condemned the Guardian newspaper’s poll on a South African wine boycott as ‘unfair’and ‘damaging’.

The online poll in the Guardian asks readers, ‘Will you boycott South African wine?’

An explanatory paragraph says, ‘Agricultural union leaders in South Africa are calling for consumers to boycott wine, grapes and granny smith apples as workers protest against pay and conditions. Many of the 500,000 farm workers on the western Cape are demanding a pay rise from £4.92 to £10.62 a day – will you join the boycott?’

The poll, which is linked to the paper’s news stories covering the South African strikes, resulted in 1012 (59%) ‘Yes’ votes and (707) 41% ‘No’ votes.

There are 140 comments from readers, many supporting a boycott.

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