How to host a blind wine tasting

Who doesn’t love a party centered around wine? A blind wine tasting party is a fun way to taste wine without any preconceived notions. You might be surprised that a budget wine is your favorite pick!

Have an array of wines of various costs? See which ones really taste the best! This is a fun way to taste and explore the many wines that are out there at different budget/price points.

The concept

Ask each guest to bring a bottle or a box of their favorite wine. Know ahead of time who will be bringing what and try to have at least two to three of the same varietal. This helps you compare when you select which brand is your favorite. It also helps to compare the various prices and regions. Do not assume that a $60 bottle of French wine is going to “test” the best. In fact, you just might be surprised at what your favorites turn out to be. You can easily host a blind wine tasting with your friends, even on a budget. Determine a maximum price point before the party, so that everyone sticks to the rules.

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