The complete drinking guide for women

Did you know the way a woman drinks her cocktail and a man gulps his beer can be markedly different in terms of harming their respective bodies. Here’s the complete drinking manual for all you gals! Go ahead and say cheers!

A study recently revealed that women who gave their mood a ‘high’ rating beforte they started consuming alcohol were 60% less likely to feel hungover after six units of alcohol. Getting high depends on your mood, if drinkers are feeling high on life, they can avoid a hangover. On the other hand feeling dull and depressed is likely to give you a painful hang over only after a couple of drinks. Here’s how you can drink smart:

1. Say goodbye to the liquid lunch
Lunchtime is the worst time to consume alcohol because a woman’s hormone levels are high, so the alchohol enters the bloodstream far too quickly for your liver to adequately break it down. Furthermore, the alcohol disrupts the digestive process, potentially leavign you with indigestion. A study from Cornell University in the US says we process alcohol most efficiently between 7 and 8 pm when our hormone levels are lowest, and that’s also the best time for drinking because it’ll leave you with a considerable margin before hitting the sack.

2. Prepare your body
Always have a snack to avoid a hangover. “Wash down a brown bread sandwich with a glass of milk 30 minutes before you start drinking. The complex carbohydrates in the bread give you lots of energy and the fat in the milk is the perfect stomach liner.

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Anel Grobler on July 11th, 2014
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