Where to eat out in the winelands: Paarl and Franschhoek – Heading For a Food Heaven

As promised, here are some more of our reviewer-rated restaurant selections, as you’ll see them in the Wine Tourism South Africa Handbook. However, we have not given full reviews, prices and other details that you will find in the book: you’ll just have to open that wallet or purse to get the full picture (like we said: we have to make a living somehow!). In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our choices as much as we do – and do tell us if you don’t! We welcome your input: all comments welcome, the more the merrier. Food for all.


We call this Francophile village fantasyland for foodies – and so it is! 50 wine farms, 40 restaurants and hundreds of places to stay, Franschhoek now has an artisan food route as well. The choice can be overwhelming and we recommend sampling it one bite at a time. Here are the eating places we think you shouldn’t miss.

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