China – changing the tradition of consumption

Last week I read an interesting article Euro wine trade to China faces curbs on wine consumption and purchasing trends in China. Although the title and introduction of the article focus on what will happen with the trade of European wines in China, the article develops into a broader insight touching on what is currently happening in what has become one of the world’s most important wine markets.

And after the visit of some Chinese business associates this week, I thought about how the Chinese market has changed.

I remember my first visit to China many years ago and how different I found everything to be. In China you are in the heart of Eastern culture. I remember how interesting and strange and often intimidating we as Westerners found the culture and way of life. We were careful not to offend and in awe of how they have kept their traditions alive. How many tales started with “in the Qing dynasty” or “in the Yuan dynasty”…?!


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