Fusion of Fleur du Cap and exotic salts at Die Bergkelder dinner

Enjoy your dinner with Fleur du Cap and a tad more than just a pinch of salt when Chef Craig Cormack marries a selection of award winning Unfiltered wines and salts from around the world at Die Bergkelder, the famous ‘cellar in the mountain’ in Stellenbosch on Friday, 5 July.

Fleur du Cap’s salt aficionado has designed an elegant menu inspired by the wine’s own artisanal style and close affinity to nature. This classic dinner will start off with a back-to-basics prawn gumbo seasoned with Khoisan salt perfectly matched with Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Semillon. To follow, a refreshing margarita sorbet with oryx salt will be served to prepare the palate for Craig’s tender salt crusted fish, served with a side salad and Fleur du Cap’s ultra-sophisticated white blend, the Unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay Semillon Viognier. The evening will culminate with moist potash honey cake infused with spicy syrup, topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and Platter’s 5-star Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest.

“Some of the recipes we use date back thousands of years, when nature was all we could turn to when preparing food. The natural process of making Fleur du Cap Unfiltered wines works particularly well with unrefined, artisanal salts, reverting back to nature in both the food and the wine,” says Craig.

The Fleur du Cap Wine and Salt Dinner takes place on Friday, 5 July at 18h30 and costs R290 per person. All courses are seasoned with the finest quality, natural salts and paired with Fleur du Cap Unfiltered wines. Booking is essential, contact Nadia Ferreira on Tel: 021 809 8025.

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