Coffee favoured above Bloody Mary

The 6th winning box in the Place in the Sun ”Share the happiness” competition has been revealed!

Box 19 was last week’s lucky box and those who guessed it right had to answer the following question:

What’s your favourite breakfast drink?

a.) a cup of coffee
b.) a bloody mary
c.) orange juice

The result from the poll: 53% of the participants agreed that coffee is their preferred breakfast drink, while 37% picked orange juice, and only 10% prefer a  Blood Mary first thing in the morning.

The lucky winner of a case (6 bottles) of Place in the Sun wines is:

Sethati Thati Segoatle

Congratulations Sethati! Please email with your delivery address and contact number in order for us to deliver your prize.

Enter and win

Which box will be the next lucky box? Pick a box, share what makes you happy, and win with Place in the Sun Wines!

This competition is only open to people staying in South Africa and those 18 or older.

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