Hey Wine Industry, You’re Looking at Wine Bloggers all Wrong

A great post by Meg Maker made me reevaluate the industry’s perspective on wine bloggers. I think it is worth a quick history lesson. Though blogs hit the mainstream in 2004 for the rest of the world it wasn’t until about 2006 that the wine industry discovered this new category of digital wine writers. In the beginning, it was mostly passionate aficionados and hobbyists. We struggled as an industry to understand if we should send samples to them, how they helped generate awareness, and many other issues. One of the leaders in engaging with bloggers was (and still is) Rodney Strong Vineyards, who blazed a path and realized the value of finding new outlets of brand awareness in an ever shrinking professional wine writer universe.

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Mouth Spray Wine photo

Mouth Spray Wine

a guest Published 24 November 2014 21:00
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How to taste a wine without popping the cork

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App predicts taste in wine and beer

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