Tate Britain wine cellar to reopen after £45m refurbishment

The Whistler Restaurant at Tate Britain, renowned for its extensive wine collection and large number of half-bottles, will reopen with a launch party on 18 November following the completion of a £45 million restoration project.

The project is the initial phase of Tate Britain’s multi-stage redevelopment, known as The Millbank Project.

Opened in 1972, The Whistler Restaurant established a reputation for keenly priced fine wines and a large selection of half-bottles from an extensive cellar featuring predominantly European wines.

Tate Britain said the reopened Whistler would continue to offer one of London’s widest selections of half-bottles.

‘I am not a fan of even the best preservation systems,’ said Hamish Anderson, who has looked after the Tate wine list since 1997.

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