Corks Out launches new wine bar

Following a two-week refurbishment, Corks Out ( has reopened with a new concept store featuring a modern wine bar with a new seating area and menu.

Struggling to make enough money at the London Road store, owner Ruth Yates decided to innovate and look for new ways to offer her customers a point of difference – rather than shut up shop.

Three years ago Ruth Yates, owner of Corks Out, installed Enomatic taste machines in store to offer customers the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone when it comes to wine. Deciding that the taste concept was not enough she brought the drink in concept alongside the machines and mixed the retail/bar experience.

Ruth has now taken this one step further and turned the concept around a little by having a wine bar, selling a large range of Champagnes by the glass including top names such as Krug and Dom Perignon, as well as some of the Corks Out Cocktails and a range of quality wines to sample through their tasting machines.

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