Checkers Launches New Gordon Ramsay and Nataniël TV Commercial

Gordon Ramsay and Nataniël are at it again! See what their up to in the new Checkers TV ad that launches nationally today.

Watch how these two unlikely personalities taste, evaluate and comment on some of the best local and international cheeses and wines available at Checkers.

The new TV commercial is a follow up to last month’s successful launch of the new Checkers campaign showcasing Nataniël and Gordon assessing the innovative beef and pork brands that the retailer has recently introduced. This time, however, things get a little more heated, as Nataniël continually quips in Afrikaans, much to the bemusement of the Scottish-born chef.

Only the best-inclass and world-renowned cheeses are sourced from artisanal and other specialty producers to provide South Africans with a true taste of local and international flavours. The same can be said of the wines that they’ve selected, not only from South Africa’s best but also from top-flight European winemakers and those from New Zealand and Chile.

cheese checkers Checkers Launches New Gordon Ramsay and Nataniël TV Commercial

The association with the two high-profile personalities was being perceived by shoppers as a fresh and original way of keeping them updated on the growing selection available from Checkers, according to Neil Schreuder, the Marketing Director of Checkers.

“The response has been incredible so far. In spite of the obvious differences between Ramsay and
Nataniël on camera, they actually get on very well! The first ad was viewed over 200,000 times online before it even aired on television and I expect the new ad will create an even bigger stir! All this positive sentiment has motivated us to continue on our journey of getting better for our customers.”

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