A beer that can be spread on toast

Move over Nutella – there’s an innovative creation on the shelves for chocolate and beer lovers. Lifelong friends and co-founders, Emanuela Laurenzi of Alta Quota Brewery and Pietro Napoleone of Napoleone Chocolatiers in Cittareale combined their expertise to create “spreadable beer.”

A one-of-a-kind dream product for those who favor hops, it’s been described as sweet, smooth, and creamy. Available in both light and dark beer options, the ‘Omid Dark Ale’ has a more robust, full-bodied flavor while the ‘Greta Blond Ale’ features a delicate, light taste. It can be eaten on toast, used as a cake/tart filling, cake frosting or crêpe spread and complements cheese as well. It’s sold in jars at the UK department store Selfridges, retailing for about US$12.50 each.

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