The average price of a bottle of wine is currently £5.06 compared to £4.87 last year

Growing numbers are prepared to spend up to £10 a time, with sales of wines priced between £8 and £9 rising 21 per cent over the past year, says a survey.

The booming sales “contradict the widely-held expectation that the stagnating economy would lead to consumers spending less on wine,” says the report from Bibendum Wine.

The trend is for a “burgeoning market” in high quality wine. The report says: “It is beginning to capture the imagination of drinkers who are increasingly spending more money to find something new, exciting and delicious.”

Watch your wine manners! photo

Watch your wine manners!

Kate Moss` left breast used to shape Champagne glass photo

Kate Moss` left breast used to shape Champagne glass

Five Mistakes You’re Making With Your Wine photo
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