Iron Maiden legend Bruce Dickinson calls in at Cardiff bar… and starts pulling pints

The rock singer, who is also a pilot, stunned drinkers before Wales v Australia by getting behind the bar

Drinkers at a Cardiff bar were stunned on Saturday when one of the biggest names in rock music turned up… and started pulling pints.

Iron Maiden’s lead singer Bruce Dickinson dropped into city centre rock bar Fuel for a pint on Saturday afternoon before Wales v Australia and ended up serving his own beer, Trooper, behind the bar.

The 55-year-old, a regular visitor to the Welsh capital, where his aircraft maintenance business is based, spent hours chatting to fans.

Rob Toogood, of Fuel, said: “As the only full time rock bar in Cardiff, we’ve been selling Trooper for a while now and it’s our best seller.

“But on Saturday we were shocked when Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson turned up here and offered to pull pints himself.

“It turns out he was in town to watch the rugby and popped in for a pint before the game.”

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