The simple way to make airplane wine taste better

Here’s a way to vastly improve the taste of wine on an airplane. Shake it.

The benefits of letting red wine aerate are long established by sommeliers. Decanting wine for a few hours before drinking allows volatile substances in the wine to evaporate and oxygen to enter the liquid, causing the wine to seem “more expressive, more aromatic and better integrated” according to Wine Spectator.

More recently, alternative decanting techniques have shown pouring wine back and fourth between two pitchers or even putting wine in a blender can improve the flavors.

Wine naturally can taste more alcoholic and bitter in flight because of the altitude and the dryness of the cabin air. But none of the usual decanting methods is advisable on an airplane—traditional decanting takes too long, pouring back and forth between two cups is a drippy proposition, and blenders are not allowed in carry-on baggage in the US.

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