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In Slovenia or Croatia this coming weekend? Then come at what will be a fabulous tasting–Label Grand  Karakterre. I'll be there and will come back with my head swimming in thoughts of terroir and palate thrilled with tastes. 
The organizers have pulled this off with no sponsors. What that means is complete freedom. No one has an agenda, no one is pulling rank or pushing a message other than wanting the participants to come with an open mind for discovery. I'm really proud to be a part of it, though being on a panel discussing terroir with three prodigious vignerons is certainly daunting.  Am hoping some miracle strikes and I have something to offer.  I'll let you know. Miracles have been said to happen. 
In other late breaking news, the LA Times has seen fit to included me in the best gift for the year guide. Oh, not me, but the newsletter! 

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